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Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – 40th Anniversary Box Set (2011)

18 January 2012
Music | Rock

Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – 40th Anniversary Box Set (2011)

Artist: Manfred Mann’s Earth Band
Title Of Album: 40th Anniversary Box Set
Year Of Release: 2011
Label: Active Distribution Ltd
Genre: Rock, Prog-Rock
Quality: Mp3 (big booklet)
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Total Time: 870 Min
Total Size: 2645Mb


1972 – Manfred Mann’s Earth Band
01. California Coastline
02. Captain Bobby Scout
03. Sloth
04. Living Without You
05. Tribute
06. Please Mrs. Henry
07. Jump Sturdy
08. Prayer
09. Part Time Man
10. I’m Up And I’m Leaving

1972 – Glorified Magnified
01. Meat
02. Look Around
03. One Way Glass
04. I’m Gonna Have You All
05. Down Home
06. Our Friend George
07. Ashes To The Wind
08. Wind
09. It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue
10. Glorified Magnified

1973 – Messin’
01. Messin’
02. Buddah
03. Cloudy Eyes
04. Get Your Rocks Off
05. Sadjoy
06. Black And Blue
07. Mardi Gras Day

1973 – Solar Fire
01. Father Of Day, Father Of Night
02. In The Beginning, Darkness
03. Pluto The Dog
04. Solar Fire
05. Saturn, Lord Of The Ring / Mercury, The Winged Messenger
06. Earth, The Circle Part 2
07. Earth, The Circle Part 1

1974 – The Good Earth
01. Give Me The Good Earth
02. Launching Place
03. I’ll Be Gone
04. Earth Hymn
05. Sky High
06. Be Not Too Hard
07. Earth Hymn Part 2

1975 – Nightingales And Bombers
01. Spirits In The Night
02. Countdown
03. Time Is Right
04. Crossfade
05. Visionary Mountains
06. Nightingales And Bombers
07. Fat Nelly
08. As Above So Below (Live)

1976 – The Roaring Silence
01. Blinded By The Light
02. Singing The Dolphin Through
03. Questions
04. The Road To Babylon
05. This Side Of Paradise
06. Starbird
07. Waiter, There’s A Yawn In My Ear

1978 – Watch
01. Circles
02. Drowning On Dry Land / Fish Soup
03. Chicago Institute
04. California
05. Davy’s On The Road Again (Live)
06. Martha’s Madmann
07. Mighty Quinn (Live)

1979 – Angel Station
01. Don’t Kill It Carol
02. You Angel You
03. Hollywood Town
04. ‘Belle’ Of The Earth
05. Platform End
06. Angels At My Gate
07. You Are – I Am
08. Waiting For The Rain
09. Resurrection

1980 – Chance
01. Lies (Through The 80′s)
02. On The Run
03. For You
04. Adolescent Dream
05. Fritz The Blank
06. Stranded
07. Hello, I Am Your Heart
08. No Guarantee
09. Heart On The Street

1982 – Somewhere In Afrika
01. Tribal Statistics
02. Eyes Of Nostradamus
03. Third World Service
04. Demolition Man
05. Brothers And Sisters Of Azania
06. Africa Suite:
a) Brothers And Sisters Of Africa
b) To Bantustan?
c) Koze Kobenini? (How Long Must We Wait?)
d) Lalela
07. Redemption Song (No Kwazulu)
08. Somewhere In Africa

1984 – Live In Budapest
01. Spirits In The Night
02. Demolition Man
03. For You
04. Davy’s On The Road Again
05. Lies (Through The 80′s)
06. Blinded By The Light
07. Redemption Song (No Kwazulu)
08. Mighty Quinn

1986 – Criminal Tango
01. Going Underground
02. Who Are The Mystery Kids?
03. Banquet
04. Killer On The Loose
05. Do Anything You Wanna Do
06. Rescue
07. You Got Me Right Through The Heart
08. Bulldog
09. Crossfire

1987 – Masque (Songs And Planets)
01. Joybringer (From Jupiter)
02. Sister Billies Bounce (Including Sister Sadie & Billies Bounce)
03. What You Give Is What You Get (Start)
04. Telegram To Monica
05. Billies Orno Bounce (Including Billies Bounce)
06. A Couple Of Mates (From Mars & Jupiter)
07. Neptune (Icebringer)
08. Rivers Run Dry
09. Hymn (From Jupiter)
10. We’re Going Wrong
11. Planets Schmanets
12. Geronimo’s Cadillac

1991 – Plains Music
01. Kiowa
02. Medicine Song
03. Wounded Knee
04. Sikelele
05. Hunting Bow (Reprise)
06. Salmon Fishing
07. Laguna
08. Intrumedicine Song
09. Sikelele II
10. Hunting Bow

1996 – Soft Vengeance
01. Pleasure And Pain
02. Play With Fire
03. Nothing Ever Happens
04. Shelter From The Storm
05. Tumbling Ball
06. The Price I Pay
07. Lose The Touch 0
08. Adults Only
09. Wherever Love Drops
10. The Complete History Of Sexual Jealousy
11. 99 Lbs 0
12. Miss You
13. Nature Of The Beast
14. Wherever Love Drops (Part 2)

1998 – Mann Alive 2CD Set
Disc One – The Gig
01. Martha’s Madmen
02. Times They Are A Changin
03. You Angel You
04. Father Of Day, Father Of Night
05. For You
06. It’s A Fine Line
07. Demolition Man
08. Nothing Ever Happens
09. She Was
10. Blinded By The Light
11. Davy’s On The Road Again

Disc Two – Encore & More
01. I’ll Give You…
02. Shelter From The Storm
03. Redemption Song
04. The Mighty Quinn
05. Demolition Mann (Short Version)
06. Blinded By The Light (Short Version)
07. Redemption Song (Alternate Version)
08. Instrumedicine Song
09. Sikelele I

2004 – 2006
01. Demons And Dragons (With Thomas D)
02. Two Bridges (Interlude)
03. Down In Mexico
04. Happenstance (Instrumental)
05. The History Of Sexual Jealousy
06. Black Eyes
07. Mars
08. Get Me Out Of This
09. Frog 0
10. Two Friends
11. Monkmann
12. Marche Slave (Instrumental Interlude)
13. Independent Woman (With Thomas D)
14. Dragons (Reprise)

2011 – Leftovers
01. Joybringer (7″ Version)
02. Big Betty
03. Down Home (Alternate Edit)
04. Our Friend George (Alternate Edit)
05. Geronimo’s Cadillac (Scandi Mix)
06. Davy’s On The Road Again (7″ Version)
07. Joybringer (Unreleased Version)
08. Nothing Ever Happens (Radio Mix)
09. Blinded By The Light (7″ Version)
10. Runner
11. Crossfire (Alternate Edit)
12. For You (Workhouse Acoustic Mix)
13. Sikelele (Workhouse Mix)
14. What You Give Is What You Get (Alternate Edit)
15. Demons & Dragons
16. Geronimo’s Cadillac (Unreleased Version)
17. Hillbrow

2011 – Live In Ersingen 2011
01. Martha’s Madman
02. Dancing In The Dark
03. For You
04. Father Of Day, Father Of Night
05. Don’t Kill It Carol
06. Blinded By The Light
07. Davy’s On The Road Again
08. Mighty Quinn

Limited edition 21 CD box set from the British Rock veterans, released to coincide with their 40th Anniversary. Also includes a 36-page booklet of the band’s history with extensive notes for each album, a 32-page book of Manfred’s own memories and anecdotes and a poster of the current band. The catalogue CDs have been remastered and repackaged in LP-style sleeves. The albums have the original UK running order and refreshed sleeves. Live In Ersingen is a brand-new live recording from July 22nd, 2011 featuring the band’s latest vocalist, Robert Hart. Leftovers is a compilation of the hit singles and rare or previously unavailable recordings. An R&B band that only played pop to get on the charts, Manfred Mann ranked among the most adept British Invasion acts in both styles. The fact that their range encompassed jazz as well as rhythm & blues, coupled with some elements of their appearance and presentation — co-founder/keyboardist Manfred Mann’s bearded, bespectacled presence — also made the Manfreds more of a thinking person’s band than a cute, cuddly, outfit like the Beatles, or sexual provocateurs in the manner of the Rolling Stones. Yet, their approach to R&B was as valid as that of the Stones, equally compelling and often more sophisticated. They charted an impressive number of singles from 1964 through 1969, and developed a large, loyal international fandom that lingers to this day.
South African-born keyboardist Manfred Mann, born Manfred Lubowitz in Johannesburg in 1940, was originally an aspiring jazz player. He performed at dances and local coffee bars in Johannesburg as a teenager, and studied classical music at Witwatersrand University, also playing with Hugh Masekela in a local band. His influences included John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Cannonball Adderley, Ornette Coleman, Bill Evans, and Dave Brubeck. He felt that his musical growth would be stymied by further work in South Africa, however, and decided to move to England in 1961, making his living as a jazz pianist and teacher, and writing articles under the name Manfred Manne, the surname derived from drummer Shelly Manne — he later dropped the “e” and used “Manfred Mann” as his performing name.
Mann’s preference for jazz quickly ran headlong into the growing public taste for rhythm and blues that began sweeping through younger audiences in England during the early ’60s. In the course of his playing at the Butlins resort in Clacton during 1962, Mann met percussionist Mike Hugg, and the two soon began playing together in a band that included Graham Bond. Hugg and Mann eventually formed their own band, the Mann Hugg Blues Brothers, which grew into a septet, including two saxmen and a trumpet player. They were successful on the London club scene, playing venues such as the Marquee and other top music spots. The band’s membership also grew to include guitarist, flautist, and saxman Mike Vickers.
The group was still lacking a lead singer, but this deficiency was rectified in late 1962 when they added Paul Jones, who had previously worked with guitarist Tom McGuinness, to their lineup. By early 1963, the Mann Hugg Blues Brothers had shrunk back to five members — Manfred Mann (keyboards), Mike Hugg (percussion), Mike Vickers (guitar, sax, flute), Paul Jones (vocals), and Dave Richmond (bass) — and also picked up a manager, Kenneth Pitt, who arranged auditions for the group with Pye, Decca, and EMI Records.
The EMI audition in May of 1963 was the one that worked, and they were signed to the latter company’s HMV label. The band was assigned producer John Burgess, who was intrigued by the mix of jazz and R&B in their style. It was also Burgess who decided that the group needed a shorter, punchier name and — against the wishes of the keyboardist himself — chose Manfred Mann as the band’s name.
Paul Jones was one of the best British Invasion singers, and his resonant vocals were the best feature of Manfred Mann’s early R&B sides, which had a slightly jazzier and smoother touch than the early work of the Rolling Stones and the Animals. The group’s debut single, “Why Should We Not” b/w “Brother Jack,” were drawn from their first EMI commercial recording audition, and showed a bit of what the band could do instrumentally — the A-side was a moody, bluesy original that alternately featured Vickers’ sax, Jones’ harmonica, and Mann’s organ, while the flip was a bouncy jazz variant on “Frere Jacques.” If the group’s debut showed the Manfreds’ virtuosity and cleverness, then the blues-rock follow-up “Cock-A Hoop” heralded the arrival of a major and charismatic singing talent in Paul Jones. Despite a lot of radio play, “Cock-A Hoop” failed to chart. The group’s luck changed late in 1963, however, when they were asked to write a new theme song for the British television rock & roll showcase Ready, Steady, Go. The result was “5-4-3-2-1,” a catchy, pulsing piece of rock & roll that got to number five on the British charts and became the permanent signature tune for the television series. Shortly after the single was recorded, Dave Richmond exited Manfred Mann’s lineup and was replaced by Tom McGuinness, who switched from guitar to bass to join the group.
The chart success of “5-4-3-2-1″ and its use on Ready! Steady! Go! gave the band a secure commercial berth in England, and their two follow-up singles charted easily. It was a couple covers of obscure girl group songs, “Do Wah Diddy Diddy” (the Exciters) and “Sha La La” (the Shirelles), that broke the group internationally — “Do Wah Diddy Diddy” reached number one in the States, and “Sha La La” just missed the Top Ten. The Paul Jones lineup never duplicated this success, although “Come Tomorrow” and “Pretty Flamingo” were smaller hits. From 1964 to 1966, they took the approach of playing gutsy pop/rock on their singles (including the original version of “My Little Red Book”) and soul and R&B on their albums, with occasional detours into jazz, Dylan (their cover of his then-unreleased “If You Gotta Go, Go Now” was a big British hit), and competent original material. This sharp difference in the content of their singles and albums resulted in a split in their audience, and occasional confusion on the part of fans, who bought Manfred Mann’s albums expecting to hear songs like “Do Wah Diddy Diddy,” and, instead, found blues and jazz numbers represented much more than pop-rock. Listeners who paid close attention to “Do Wah Diddy Diddy” might’ve recognized unusual touches such as the kettle drums over the choruses, and anyone who flipped it over might’ve gotten the hint from its B-side, a jazz-blues jam called “What You Gonna Do?” An organ and harmonica-driven piece, it was as hard and threatening as “Do Wah Diddy Diddy” was upbeat and cheerful.
Where “Do Wah Diddy Diddy” and the later “Sha La La La” were covers of girl group songs, Manfred Mann’s debut long-player, cut in early 1964, had a very different orientation, comprised of songs associated with Cannonball Adderley, Ike & Tina Turner, Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, and Howlin’ Wolf, among others, and hard, bluesy originals such as the Mann-Jones authored “What Are You Gonna Do.”

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