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Lucy Swann - La Petite Mort (2010) [FullVersion]

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Lucy Swann - La Petite Mort (2010) [ALL MP3]

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Lucy Swann - La Petite Mort (2010)

19 November 2010
Pop | Indie | Electronic

Lucy Swann - La Petite Mort (2010)

Artist: Lucy Swann
Title Of Album: La Petite Mort
Year Of Release: 2010-01-03
Genre: Indie Pop, Electronic
Label: Trust Me Records
Catalog #: TMR036
Qualityt: 320 kbps
Tracks: 10
Time: 36:30 min
Size: 84,8 MB


1. Fashionably Late (4:35)
2. For Heaven's Sake (3:53)
3. The Little Death (3:46)
4. Diamonds (4:01)
5. To Juggle (2:43)
6. Mistakes (2:18)
7. Anytime Soon (3:19)
8. Born Again (4:06)
9. Turn It Off (3:04)
10. Undercover (4:45)

We're sitting in the passenger seat of an organ, riding through a blizzard of clapping and clinking with Lucy Swann at the wheel. Pursued by keys, beats and bass we navigate the soundscape she has created. With her angelic bleeting and lush velvety subtext she keeps us distracted while she satisfies the itch she so elegantly caused. She untangles the unfamiliar. With her unique sound as the backdrop, she makes the strange and unsettling seem comforting. She nourishes the soul and delivers peace of mind while assuring her audience that they are more than welcome. In its earliest incarnation Lucy Swann's music was influenced by her restricted means, a run down old Hammond organ. And although she explores a wider range of sounds, the quirkiness of the organ's rhythm section still echoes in her music. Her lyrical style is greatly guided by her ability to grab a theme by the scruff of its neck. Some things are easy to say, though often, they are best left unsaid. With her own brand of British understatement she ricochets from feeling to feeling while keeping her cards close to her chest. In concert her work takes on its most intimate form. We look on as the pattern of rhythm and melody is woven all around us. The rich creamy music fills every nook and every cranny leaving the audience feeling like a puzzle completed, though hungry for more. Lucy is a breath of the freshest air. Her raw honesty combined with her vocal performance and musical arrangements make her one of the most exciting new performers around today.

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